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We explain why this is different for all, whether you’re new to the industry or have been here for years, the A.C.A. is moving the cannabinoids business & industry forward.

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The ultimate purpose behind creating The American Cannabinoid Association was to extend your access to industry representationindustry expertise . legislative power . R&D . mainstream retail exposure . educational resources . members . strategic partners, it doesn’t matter if your currently in &/or new to the cannabinoid industry.

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The American Cannabinoid Association is a group of people organized for a joint purpose, together we're more powerful to move legislation, a network-strong-expansive spanning the globe.

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A.C.A. Introduction - if you're new here or have been with us for a while, you'll learn the Access & benefits with our association are un-surpassed!

“Hi, my name is Matt, Welcome to the American Cannabinoid Association!

As a co-founder of the ACA, I very much appreciate you taking the time to visit our website & review our content & allowing us to introduce the vision of our association. “

Matthew Guenther

The American Cannabinoid Association

The A.C.A. Lobbies for new cannabinoid legislation to help the entire industry!

This is why the A.C.A. is so important, our association will allow us to embrace our momentum & fundamentally improve our country.

Cannabinoid market growth can be attributed to the support coming from both voters, legislators & the association’s lobbying efforts on the topic of legalization.

This is welcome news to those who want to enter the cannabinoid business.

Aspiring business owners are getting the many dos & don’ts of the industry & updates on laws governing the sale of products through their A.C.A. Membership.

for our members business . consumer benefits-a-plenty

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A.C.A. Welcome Video

Hi, my name is Matt and welcome to the American cannabinoid association. As a co-founder of the ACA, I very much appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and review some of our content. The intention of this video is to introduce the vision of our association. The purpose of the American cannabinoid association is to provide educational and legislative resources to members and affiliates of the cannabinoid industry.


This includes retailers, wholesalers, farmers, processors, law firms, law enforcement professionals, and even regulatory agencies. This association was founded with the intention of protecting the research development, commerce and legislation pertaining to the industry. This includes the plant cannabis sativa L its chemical components, and their federally protected derivatives.


After over 70 years of scientifically invasive prohibition, Congress has finally provided us with an opportunity to cultivate the industrial, economic and medicinal potential of the cannabis. In order to fully realize our potential. We must work together to move the cannabinoid industry forward as safely and effectively as is possible.


It’s important to remember that this industry is brand new to everyone. While the 2018 farm bill was an important victory for the cannabinoid industry, we all know that we need updated rules and regulations to keep our industry successful. One of the fundamental priorities of the ACA is the concept of self-regulation.


Just because you’re technically allowed to do something. It doesn’t mean you should do it in the spirit of this position. Our members adhere to a strict ethical code of conduct. This includes keeping the product out of the hands of minors and making sure to avoid any statements or claims suggesting that these products will cure, treat, or diagnose a medical.


As we continue to build our association and finalize its structure. We want your input. We encourage you to reach out and tell us about yourself. Tell us about your position in the industry. Tell us about what you’d like to see as our industry progresses. And most importantly, tell us how you’d like to help.


Our association is dedicated to funding, research and development projects. Providing updated legislative resources for our members and cultivating the cannabinoid industry to give back to our communities. In addition to accepting donations, we will be providing volunteer opportunities to all interested parties.


In so doing, we are generating a network of like-minded individuals and entities to enhance our collective. One of the coolest things about this industry is seeing people from all different walks of life, come together to promote something revolutionary. As our world becomes more and more divisive, the cannabinoid industry keeps bringing people together in just a few short years.


This industry has become one of the most successful bipartisan initiatives of my lifetime people from all over this country, regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, they’ve all experienced economic, cultural, and scientific benefits from this.


In summary, I’m very grateful for the promise of the cannabinoid industry. I’m grateful to Congress for establishing their legislative intent. I’m very thankful to law enforcement for keeping an open mind and helping to enforce the legislation as written. And finally, I’m honored to have spent the last five years of my life working with the farmers, processors and distributors who have diligently endeavored to make our industry a reality. This association will do everything in its power to protect the cannabinoid industry. Again, thank you for your time and welcome to the American cannabinoid association.

Clear Message & Voice

We're honored to have spent the last five years working with the farmers, processors & distributors who have diligently endeavored to make our industry a reality.

This association will do everything in its power to protect & move our cannabinoid industry forward!

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Event / Seminar

$32 billion sales reach in 2022

$57 Billion sales reach by 2030

96% of adults want legalization

Benefits Come In Bulk

Members - Consumer & Business can buy in bulk with great discounts on new introduced products.

During COVID-19 lockdowns, there were many scenarios in various countries that indicated rise in sales of cannabinoid to the anxious, so much, places have deemed the industry essential. So whether planning to invest in this market or simply want to know more, the association makes information easier to digest.

We provide much of our information, but our members also add expert knowledge, data & their what’s working in the industry.

Feedback From Our Members

Wanted to say, I love my A.C.A., as a consumer, I was turned on to cannabinoid products, going through chemotherapy, omg the nausea and vomiting, but using the oral cannabinoids were effective relief & being able to research products & sideeffects was a life-saver, the association actually took time to help me, figure what was right for my specific need, like I said Love My A.C.A.!

Amber S.

Member - Consumer

So much happened in 2021, not only record-setting in our business, but illustrates the robust nature of the industry, all that transacted & intersected varied industries: pharma, wellness, media, cannabinoid & more generalized global supply chains, the A.C.A. advised us it's a sign of things to come for 2022, the global marketplace will be a substantial driver of revenue the U.S. & globally.

M. Cristian

Member - Business