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What Is Delta-8 – The Expert – Ep.1

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What Is Delta-8 Hear From An Industry Expert

You will be hearing & seeing Matt a lot, he & the other experts that you find here are the go to people in the industry, not only are they techy, but they are the people for the legal, legislation & every other topic on the cannabinoid industry – Delta-8!

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Read The Video Transcription Below :


Alrighty guys.

I’m Ricky Ricardo from BuddyBuddz, and welcome to another podcast as always.

We’re not here giving you advice on what you should do and everything, but we always want to give you at least the information so that you can go ahead and actually make those decisions yourself.

So today I’m actually with somebody, that’s going to be able to clear up some things for us. There’s a lot of talk about a product first off. Do you want to tell us your name, where you’re coming from? What’s up!

Ricky, thank you as always for being here.

My name for those of you who don’t know me is Matt Guenther, I am the co-founder of the American Cannabinoid Association.

And I specialize in chemical and legislative consultation specifically for the cannabinoid industry. So anything associated with hemp or marijuana, well,

High-tech he’s for real here. He’s for real, I understood about 80% of that only because I study this stuff, but… In other words, he knows his shit, right.

Learning more every day, never stop growing.


End Of Episode 1, Next Episode Coming Soon!

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